anthony baldwin (photodharma) wrote in rhlinux,
anthony baldwin

I just performed the upgrade from FC1 to FC3 (okay, really FC1 based K124.0.1 to FC3 based K124.2.0)based
And I can't get X up.
When going through graphical boot, it gets to the part where X should come up, and I hear the monitor click, and then
nothing...Just a blank screen. For a long time.
I signed into a terminal and brought up /etc/X11/xorg.conf (or wherever it is), and it looks fine to me.
Looks the same as my old XFree86 configs, anyway, as far as monitor, video card, video settings.
But when I tried /user/X11/bin/startx (or wherever it was that I found startx)
I get something about a missing command, "xauth".
I've never used anything but XFree86, so Xorg is new to me.
Obviously, my old trick for these problems, running redhat-config-xfree86, is just not happening.

Also, I suppose this might be noteworthy, while booting I keep getting a msg about not finding
/lib/modules/blah blah blah, something about the kernel (which wasn't updated, still 2.4.22).
I don' recall off hand if it was kernel-2.4.22nptl./lib/modules or /lib/modules/kernel-2.4.22nptl)
I did read the release notes about updating the kernel, which I would do, if I could get in.
I'm presently only able to access the internet now because of the xtra drive I just installed XP on.

Obviously, I'm not exactly a linux guru. I have been using linux at home for three years, and have been M$ free for most of that time (although I just this week isntalled XP on a spare hdd, from which I am writing now). I've used RH or some related product for that entire time (K12linux or FC).

I've considered starting over and doing a fresh install, since I just backed almost everything up, but I didn't backup *everything*, and don't want to have to reconfigure stuff like mount for my camera, and lose all my saved passwords and bookmarks from moz (which I didn't back up), and the few other headaches I would have to deal with. I mean, 90% of my important data, photographs, etc., are all backed up. But still...
Don't know if a fresh install would make any difference at this juncture, anyway.
I do have a Suse 8.2 Pro box sitting here, too....Hmmm...

Oh, and as if that weren't enough. One more issue: When I boot, kudzu keeps telling me that the printer has been removed from the system
(hp deskjet5550, usb), but it hasn't been. It's on, plugged in, connected, etc.

Perhaps I should start separate threads for these possibly separate issues? Not sure how they could be related, except that they are all a result of my attempt at upgrade.
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