Griffon Rider (griffon_rider) wrote in rhlinux,
Griffon Rider

Okidata C5150N on Red Hat

I bought the Oki printer for other reasons, but I was wondering if anyone has a good site to research how to get the Oki 5100 series to work on Red Hat Fedora Core 6.
The sites either list Windows, or that the printer is a paperweight.
It is not a huge deal, I can print to a Mono laser printer. But it would be nice to print in color also.
the printer is using a network card. It has an IP address.
I have tried other Oki drivers, in an attempt to get some form of print out of it, but the printer just stalls. did not help.
Okidata did not help.
and I am not finding much linux information on this printer via searches either.

Any good sites out there for some information?
Thank you.
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