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A Quark of A Different Spin.

How to use yam?

I'm using Redhat Enterprise, and I've paid for RH support, so I have access to their update repository. I've set up yam to download the RPMs, but I'm only getting rpms in the the rpmforge directory, not any of the other other channels. Most importantly, I'm not getting any of the kernel updates.

name = Red Hat Advanced Server $release U3 ($arch)
release = 4
#arch = i386 x86_64 ia64 ppc s390 s390x
arch = i386
metadata = repomd yum repoview

### Additional repositories
updates = rhns:///rhel-$arch-as-4
#beta = rhns:///rhel-$arch-as-4-beta
fastrack = rhns:///rhel-$arch-as-4-fastrack
extras = rhns:///rhel-$arch-as-4-extras
#extras-beta = rhns:///rhel-$arch-as-4-extras-beta
rhds = rhns:///rhel-4-as-$arch-rhds-2.1
#rhds-beta = rhns:///rhel-4-as-$arch-rhds-2.1-beta
hwcert = rhns:///rhel-$arch-as-4-hwcert
sdk = rhns:///rhel-$arch-as-4-sdk
rhaps = rhns:///rhel-4-as-$arch-rhaps-2
#rhaps-beta = rhns:///rhel-4-as-$arch-rhaps-2-beta
webapp-beta = rhns:///rhel-$arch-as-4-webapp-1-beta

Is there another channel name like "core", "base", or "kernel"?

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