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Saturday, January 24th, 2004


<IMG SRC= WIDTH=100 HEIGHT=100 ALT="cardinalximinez's journal" BORDER="0">
3:09 pm - RHL end of life
Ok, if the community is too slow, let's stir up some trouble, er, conversation.

What does everybody think about Redhat end-of-lifing RHL 8.0 and below.

Sure, I know we all had warning, but what is everybody doing in reaction to it?

How many of you planned ahead? What did you do?

How many of you switched to a different distro? Which one? Why?

How many of you upgraded to 9 or to Fedora Core 1? Why?

How many of you are just waiting for a free weekend to do your upgrade (like me, dang it)? What's your excuse (my company is running itself into the ground and trying to take me with it)? What are you doing in the meantime (crossing my fingers and hoping for no major attacks)?

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<IMG SRC= WIDTH=100 HEIGHT=100 ALT="discordian's journal" BORDER="0">
3:39 am - Don't know how I missed this community for so long
Wow. This community is WAY too quiet. Come on, fellow Headrats! Let's look alive!

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Wednesday, December 31st, 2003


<IMG SRC= WIDTH=54 HEIGHT=100 ALT="bdinger's journal" BORDER="0">
5:31 pm - Fedora Core 1
Did anyone notice on the installer that it says "Fedora Core (C) 2003 Red Hat, Inc."??

Anyway.. I love it. It's like RH 9 +++.

I'm installing it on my ThinkPad so I can play with it more over the long weekend, btu so far it looks pretty promising.

Also.. is this community just going to grow into a Fedora community as well? Seeing that I'm sure most of the community won't be purchasing RHEL.. ???

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Friday, November 28th, 2003


ALT="exileinparadise's journal" BORDER="0">
5:05 pm - Exit RedHat Linux... Enter RedHat Fedora
I bit the bullet and upgraded my customized RedHat Linux 9 to RedHat Fedora Core 1.

All in all, it was less painless than expected, especially since I am no fan of "upgrade in place".
To that end, I had 2 backups of my OS drive and 2 backups of my home directory drive before I started.

Things that went well...
My home directory on a RAID 1 mirror set was preserved without problem.
RedHat Network and the RHN-Applet-GUI still work to help keep up to date... using YUM vs. RHN now.
I particularly like the new RedHat Graphical Boot. Reminds me of that classy SGI boot feeling.
I also like the inclusion of Exec-Shield. Every little bit helps.
Just read the RELEASE NOTES while upgrading and installing to find out all about these.

Things I Expected To Break
NVIDIA: The NVidia GeForce 4 drivers exploded as expected. Thanks to the fedora-list, I already had a fix in hand and it worked first time. I am used to rebuilding the NVidia drivers each kernel update and this was really no different. The fix was to export CC=gcc32 before running NVidia's installer.
ALSA: I run the upgraded ALSA sound core on RedHat rather than the traditional OSS. ALSA explodes whenever the kernel is updated, but thanks to, this is an easy fix. rpm -e the old, rpm -i the new. apt-get works too, if you know the correct sequence

Things I Didn't Expect
My stupid CD burner must be a piece of crap. I failed 3 seperate linux mediachecks before I got a complete set of Yarrow disks to install from that I could trust. Doh!
I didn't expect to have to use switchdesk to re-choose my favorite window manager.
I didn't expect to lose tripwire as a default package!
I didn't expect for GRUB to commit suicide and require a /sbin/grub-install /dev/sda from Rescue Mode. Still not sure HOW this happened... since it failed to boot stage 2 AFTER I had successfully booted all the way up under FC1 prior to the failure. All I know is it happened after rpm -i of rhgb (the new graphical booter I mentioned above).

All in all, 2 backups of 30GB of disk before starting, mediachecks, reburns, the upgrade itself, rebuilding NVidia and ALSA, fixing GRUB, and using RHN to get current was just under 30 hours start to finish. Now... to go test everything and fix all of my apps.

Was I looking forward to doing this upgrade?
Not really.

Was it worth it?
Now that I am on the tail end of the upgrade, yes it was worth it.
From what I have seen, once I get the post-trauma cleanup basically done, I will be happy with Fedora.

current mood: accomplished

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Thursday, November 6th, 2003


ALT="krzy's journal" BORDER="0">
12:08 pm - copied from news
So here's the latest in LJ scams...

People are now saying they're "friends with the LJ crew" and have access to cheap accounts. They then offer to sell you $25 paid accounts for only $10, but they'll first need your username and password. These people then do get you a paid account, but with a stolen credit card paid for under your name. Once we see it's a stolen card, we suspend the victim of the hoax, thinking they stole the card.

Things to be noted:

-- we don't give cheap accounts to anybody for $10
-- never give anybody your password
-- there are many scams out there. don't trust everybody.

Please disseminate this to any community where you've seen this going on, translated into whatever language. (This scam seems to be popular within the Russian userbase lately....)

In other news, we have a new community for technical folks, talking about the LJ architecture which kinda fills a gap we had before: lj_backend. There's one post there now, but there will be more over time.

Discussion of this post can be found here

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Monday, October 13th, 2003


ALT="sensefield's journal" BORDER="0">
10:51 am - first post

I'm a lj newbie and just joined this community. Hope i can help you. Anyone here is from brazil, or just me?

see you,

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Tuesday, October 7th, 2003


<IMG SRC= WIDTH=91 HEIGHT=100 ALT="stoopd's journal" BORDER="0">
7:45 pm - help!! O_o
alrighty. i downloaded pysoulseek. it's a soulseek client written in python. i followed some of the readme instructions, but it was written retardedly. it says to do something, and right after, it says it's a bad idea cause of this and that, etc. it's rediculous. but anyway, i tried running python install but i didnt specify a directory, and it installed though. but now when i run pyslsk, it says that it can't find any wxPython modules. either wxPython isn't isntalled or it's not in python's module search path. and it says the current search path is "blah" and all the directories are under /usr/bin, or /usr/libpython2.2 i'm so confused right now and i don't know what to do. i've never installed python files before. please help

current mood: confused

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Tuesday, September 16th, 2003


<IMG SRC= WIDTH=50 HEIGHT=50 ALT="jeffmuldoon's journal" BORDER="0">
9:29 pm - My hard drive.
Last night my hard drive started randomly spinning up and then clicking. Sometimes it restarts other times but while the OS is running it just starts doin the clicks. Any suggestions? Note I have another HD but there is nothin installed on it.

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Wednesday, September 3rd, 2003


<IMG SRC= WIDTH=100 HEIGHT=100 ALT="adameros's journal" BORDER="0">
9:22 pm
One of my favorite music/audio visualization packages is Bomb. But it has not been updated since 2001, and Uses console drivers that no longer seem to be supported. Does anyone know if bomb has been ported to be a graphics module on an of the current media players, or have had any luck compiling it under rh9? Of any suggestions for equivalent visualization packages?

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Monday, September 1st, 2003


<IMG SRC= WIDTH= HEIGHT= ALT="maddcow's journal" BORDER="0">
11:24 am - Few questions:
I am running Redhat v9.0 and was wondering if anybody knows any of the following.

1. I recently reinstalled window and it overwrote my Grub bootloader, I can still get into Linux via Boot Disk but was wondering if there is a command that I can use to reinstall that. I tried messing with 'grub' but I doubt that was correct.

2. I have an external IEEE 1394 HD and I also have a few little USB Flash Drives and it is a little difficult for me to figure out where the devices are mounted. This gets increasingly confusing when I plug and unplug these devices while the Operating system is running. Is there any way to list devices that are connected to the computer so I can mount them accordingly?

3. When I installed my operating system I decided I wanted to boot into Console but now I think it would be nice to have it go right into X. Was there a way that I could configure it back without reinstalling the operating system? :)

I am sure I have more questions, but if anybody knows the answeres to those, I would be very happy! :-)


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Sunday, August 17th, 2003


<IMG SRC= WIDTH=50 HEIGHT=50 ALT="jeffmuldoon's journal" BORDER="0">
10:43 pm
I have a question. Installed Red Hat on my PC last week and i choose to use grub as my boot loader. Now I can't boot into Windows. I choose the DOS option but nothin happens. Any suggestions on what I can do so that I can use windows too? thanx in advance

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Tuesday, August 12th, 2003


<IMG SRC= WIDTH= HEIGHT= ALT="wwing's journal" BORDER="0">
1:26 pm - Howdy...
Howdy all I'm new to this community I just found it by accident...

Needless to say I've been a long time Linux administrator, been messing with
Linux especially Redhat since version 5.2 .

Professionally I work as a Network Communications Analyst for a major defense
company and I've changed the backbone of our network from Solaris to Linux....

Since we already had the inhouse Unix backbone it wasn't too bad of a jump to
Linux... just means that we get to spend less on proprietary hardware...

I also run Linux at home, infact I have a linux server working on my home network,
running backups every week via Amanda...

If you haven't checked out Amanda give it a whirl, it rocks...

Here's a quick faq-setup- for configuring Amanda... it's a mirror of a old site that
had a lot of useful information...



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Tuesday, August 5th, 2003


<IMG SRC= WIDTH=50 HEIGHT=50 ALT="jeffmuldoon's journal" BORDER="0">
11:50 pm
Ok So now I have Red Hat installed on my PC. Heres the problem though. I hate sittin at my pc. I would much rather prefer to sit somewhere else with my laptop running osx. I understand I can log in using the terminal but I don't know how. That wold be a good first step but is there something similar to Remote Desktop or something that I could use so that i would actually control the GUI from my mac. They are both on the same network.

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<IMG SRC= WIDTH=50 HEIGHT=50 ALT="jeffmuldoon's journal" BORDER="0">
7:11 pm - Red Hat
This is the first post I've made on red hat. Its pretty sweet so far. And thanx for the help earlier. Any suggestions on things i should try out

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<IMG SRC= WIDTH=100 HEIGHT=100 ALT="mitre's journal" BORDER="0">
1:00 pm - Red Hat sues SCO

Article behind the cut.Collapse )

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<IMG SRC= WIDTH=50 HEIGHT=50 ALT="jeffmuldoon's journal" BORDER="0">
1:20 pm - Help
This may seem kinda dumb but I'm kinda stumped. I downloaded Red Hat 9 (shrike) last night and burned the ISO's today. The disks check out fine. The problem is when i try to install it just freezes up. The farthest I can get is to the partitioning sections. After that it just freezes. Any help would be appreciated.

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<IMG SRC= WIDTH=75 HEIGHT=100 ALT="gravity's journal" BORDER="0">
10:53 am
I am trying desperately to install Redhat 9.0. Currently I am running 7.1 and really want to upgrade. I have two copies of 9.0 on cd and I know they are good copies but when I try to boot to the cd I get an error saying something to the effect that isolinux can't see the cdrom. It is only with these Redhat cd's. It works fine with other distro's. Also the cd's read fine as long as I am not trying to boot from them. Any ideas?

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Thursday, June 26th, 2003


<IMG SRC= WIDTH=100 HEIGHT=100 ALT="xeren's journal" BORDER="0">
8:04 pm - inspiron 2600 and RH 9, video issues
I have 7.3 loaded on my laptop right now, and X11 will NOT run.
the Video card is the i830DM chipset by Intel, and there's a problem with allocating only 1MB of Video RAM to the process of loading X.

Was wondering if anyone knows about this situation in RH9?

Any suggestions?

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<IMG SRC= WIDTH=100 HEIGHT=100 ALT="xeren's journal" BORDER="0">
9:53 am - rh 8 and 9 plus Apache
ok, I hate Apache 2.0.

I am going to install 8 later today (upgrading to 9 in a few weeks), but will not install the 2.0 webserver.

Does anyone have any ideas about installing Apache 1.3 on 8 and 9?

lemme know!!

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Saturday, June 21st, 2003


ALT="exileinparadise's journal" BORDER="0">
10:51 am - Escaping the chains...
This morning I updated my copy of WINE (The Windows Emulator) that came with RedHat to the latest version and configured it to run MailWasher.

I installed it from the MailWasherFree.exe installer file, just like you would on M$, and then copied my regcode, blacklist, and filter rules over from my work laptop and away I went!

I still have a funky problem where the File, Edit, Tools, etc menus don't come up, but the program is still runnable and does what I need it to.

So, now I can check for and scrape out the scum that arrives in my inbox from my RH box and immediately download the remaining good emails with Ximian Evolution.

Life is good when yer M$ free, but can still use apps written for M$ in your non-M$ box!

With WineX hundreds of current M$-only games can run within Linux.

I may try that next.

current mood: determined

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